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How it Started

The concept for Good News magazine was born at the start of the COVID pandemic. In the midst of all the uncertainty, fear and isolation at the start of 2020, we felt that everyone in our community could benefit from some good news. We set out to create a publication focused on sharing positive and uplifting stories, and Good News magazine was the result.

Good News magazine has since grown to become a monthly publication with unique editions serving multiple communities. Our writers, photographers and designers focus on finding stories that many people haven’t heard. We uncover pieces of what make our communities strong. Pieces that make us proud to live where we do. And we share those stories in a beautiful magazine format that you can keep in your home and pick up any time you need a dose of good news.

Our Storytellers

Good News Magazine is a publication of Exchange Media Group.
Our writers, photographers, designers, and business development team work every month to uncover the local stories you may not have heard before.

More of Our Team Members

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Art Production

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