Lynchburg Local Charities

The Listening, Inc.

This organization has 30 reviews and is highly regarded in our community. They focus on a variety of causes.

(434) 515-2103

Proven Ministries Ltd.

A life-changing ministry that deepens faith in Jesus Christ. Their teachings have a profound impact on personal growth and spiritual development.

Iron Lives Inc.

Empowering local youth to become their best selves. Alumni of this program have gone on to serve the community positively.

(866) 358-IRON

Lynchburg Grows

Involved in fundraising events, this organization is dedicated to making a difference.

(434) 846-5665

Virginia Theatre Association

Providing educational and professional experiences in the arts and theater industry.

(434) 845-7529

Freedom 4/24

Focused on combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They equip individuals to stand against these issues.

(434) 582-4517

Miriam’s House

A program serving homeless women and children, with a shorter length of stay to maximize impact.

(434) 847-1101

Retail Merchants Foundation Inc.

An asset in Central Virginia, working to improve the community. Compassionate and responsive during crises.

Arc Of Central Virginia

Supports individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families.

(434) 845-4071

Lynchburg Humane Society

Dedicated to animal welfare, adoption, and education.

(434) 448-0088

Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Fighting hunger and providing food assistance to those in need.

(434) 845-4099

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg

Empowering youth through programs and activities.

(434) 846-1111

YWCA of Central Virginia

Advocating for racial justice, women’s empowerment, and social change.

(434) 847-7751

Centra Foundation

Supporting healthcare initiatives and improving community health.

(434) 200-4791

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lynchburg

Building affordable housing for families in need.

(434) 528-3774

The Salvation Army

Providing emergency assistance, shelter, and rehabilitation services.

(434) 845-5939

Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

Connecting donors with local nonprofits.

Amazement Square

A children’s museum promoting creativity and learning.

(434) 845-1888

Lynchburg Daily Bread

Offering meals and support to those experiencing homelessness.

(434) 845-5703

Lynchburg Beacon of Hope

Focused on increasing college access and success for students.

Lynchburg Area Veterans Council

Supporting veterans and their families.

(434) 525-7925

Lynchburg Community Action Group

Addressing poverty and advocating for social justice.

Lynchburg Art Club

Promoting visual arts and artists in the community.

(434) 528-9434

Lynchburg Historical Foundation

Preserving local history and heritage.

(434) 528-5353

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation

Providing recreational programs and facilities.

(434) 455-5858

Friends of Lynchburg Community Market

Supporting and assisting the Lynchburg Community Market by helping at events at the Market, funding Market events, and advocating for the Market in the community.

Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation Inc.

Enhancing educational opportunities for students.

(434) 515-5081

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