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We are only offering this opportunity for specific towns and the right type of person.

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Don’t worry if you are new to sales or publishing. We have written you a playbook on how to launch a new Good News Magazine. Our team is designed to ensure your launch is a success.

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We are only offering this opportunity for specific towns and for the right type of person.

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Are you looking for a career change?

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Are you looking instead for a job where you:

  • Are independent
  • Meet new people
  • Enjoy a variety of tasks
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Build a stronger community

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By becoming a Publishing Partner for Good News Magazine, you can retain the autonomy and flexibility you crave. All while bringing the people around you joy and hope by celebrating and memorializing local heroes.

We are only offering this opportunity for specific towns and for the right type of person.

Discourse & Disconnection

We are at a critical time in our history. There are global drivers that have led to a lost sense of community. The aim of our Good News Magazine is to help fill the void caused by:

The Decline Of
Local Newspapers

The Polarization
Of Social Media

Fewer Small
Local Businesses

Leveraging the power of storytelling as a catalyst for change

Proof that our premium monthly magazines are making a difference in local communities

School Teacher Rachel Porter

Good News Shelbyville Classroom Legacies Edition

Rachel received a proclamation for being the Bedford County teacher of the year and became a state finalist shortly after the publication featuring her came out.

Think about the dedication and the sacrifice that most teachers put in and never get recognized publicly like this.

And imagine how this might give Rachel the motivation to continue to inspire and guide the youth in her town.

SRO Officer Willie Young

Good News Tullahoma Heroes Edition

After the Heroes edition of Good News hit the streets, a fan of his on facebook changed their profile picture to Willie’s cover. Showing how proud they were of their local hero. 

After the division we faced as a country over the past few years as it relates to the Black Lives Matter movement and local law enforcement, it is encouraging to see how we can start to change the narrative in this country one community at a time.

Jorge Morales

Good News Fayetteville Food Issue

Jorge is the owner of a Mexican ice cream shop here in Fayetteville. When taking Jorge’s photo for the cover of our Food Issue, he kept thinking we were going to send him a bill for the advertising. 

This is what he had to say after his issue was released:
“Before our story was published, I struggled to have enough customers in the store. Now that it is out, I struggle to keep my ice cream in stock!”

Good News Magazine

A premium monthly magazine is a brilliant storytelling device

Our readers take a break from scrolling and swiping to engage with Good News Magazine. Here are some of the benefits they enjoy:

  • Full sensory experience
  • Consistent monthly release
  • Shorter, easier-to-digest stories
  • Keepsake quality
  • Engaging visual designs
  • Photos of people they recognize

Good News Magazine launch schedule

Here is what it looks like to bring Good News to your town.


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Good News Team

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Month One

Collect Story Ideas

Month Two

Find Local Events

Secure Advertising Commitments

Write Stories

Month Three

Shoot Photography

Month Four

Design Magazine

Month Five

Distribute 1st Issue!

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We’ll help you every step of the way

As the Publishing Partner, the main thing we want you to focus on is building relationships in your community. Good News Magazine will handle literally everything else!

Publishing Partner

  • Finding local stories
  • Submitting ad requests
  • Securing local advertisers
  • Referring digital services

Good News Magazine

  • Managing editorial
  • Writing stories
  • Shooting photography
  • Designing the magazine
  • Press preparation/schedule
  • Managing distribution
  • Social media and website management

Good News, Great Reviews

Reader Testimonials

“First, let me just say how thoroughly impressed I am with your wonderful magazine!

It is a positive, uplifting, high-quality publication that I savor and save month-to-month for reference to businesses, programs and individuals that are highlighted. ”

Kay Bartley

“I just want you to know how much I enjoyed reading your magazine. I do not watch the news anymore. Every story is so depressing. Thank you for sharing good news and making us feel better about the community around us and the good people who live here and share their lives with us. Great job keep up your good work. ”

Eva Lewis

“It’s so nice to pick up a publication and read about the successes and events in our little community. I try to grab up local magazines when in other areas to learn more about people, places and things, but reading one that I can really relate to and learn from is so special. Great job!”

Cindy Kite

“Love this publication! I learn something new about people and places in our community with each issue. Magazine truly lives up to its name.”

Kay Bartley