The Timeless Love Story of Karl and Sarah Hussung

by | Jan 2024

AT ALMOST 93 years old, his weathered hands hold a lifetime of memories. Each line etched on his face tells a chapter of a love that surpassed time itself. Meet Karl Hussung, a man whose unwavering love story continues to inspire even after his beloved Sarah passed away three years ago.

Their extraordinary journey, spanning over seven decades, is a remarkable tale that resonates with the very essence of true love and lasting companionship.

The love story of Karl and Sarah began in the hallowed halls of Murray State Teachers College. Karl reminisces, “I met Sarah on the campus, and we fell in love pretty early during our relationship.”

The serendipitous meeting would set the stage for a love story that would endure the trials and tribulations of time.

Sarah worked on a farm throughout her childhood.

“She came from a farm, and her parents were raising nine kids, and she was working hard to raise every dollar she needed for her college education,” Karl said.

Karl reflects on the depth of their love, saying, “We were married for 67 years and three months [when] Sarah passed away.” Their journey was a love story that endured and thrived, standing strong against the passage of time.

What was the secret to their enduring love? Karl was quick to share, “We were very active in our church life from the getgo. It’s a bond that will hold you together.” Their shared faith was a cornerstone of their relationship and a source of strength and unity.

Their love story, however, was not without its share of hardships. Karl opened up about the loss they faced.

“Sarah gave birth to five children. The second little one was a boy born prematurely. He passed away after three days.” This heart-wrenching experience tested their love but, ultimately, only served to strengthen their bond.

In the face of adversity, their family blossomed. Four children brought the couple 14 grandchildren and an astounding 16 great-grandchildren, creating a legacy of love that spans generations.

“Our oldest son is a school teacher at St. Louis University High School, and our youngest son is the chairman of the music department at Carson Newman College and a music minister at a Southern Baptist church in Tennessee,” Karl proudly shares, highlighting the successes of their children.

“My daughter is a special education teacher at Jackson Academy in Bowling Green,” he said.
“My other son has been a pastor of several churches, including one on an [American] Indian Reservation, throughout the years and currently a pastor at Rich Pond Baptist Church in Warren County and has been for 26 years, which is very unique and remarkable.”

As Karl delves into their cherished memories, his love for Sarah radiates in every word.

“I never dated another girl once I met Sarah. I knew she was the one for me from the get-go,” Karl said. Karl is a resident at Arcadia Senior Living in Bowling Green, where he spends much of his time reflecting on his profound love story with Sarah.

Their story is a testament to their profound connection from the beginning.

“What we had will always be very special to me,” Karl said. The timeless love story of Karl and Sarah Hussung serves as a beacon, reminding us that true love withstands the tests of time and leaves a mark on our hearts.

It’s a love story that continues to inspire and warm the hearts of all who hear it, proving that love knows no bounds and true love is timeless. GN

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