A Rising Country Star’s Heartfelt Mission to Honor the American Flag

by | Jan 2024

DILLON CARMICHAEL, a rising country music artist, has embarked on a mission to spread patriotism and honor the American flag.

“It just lights a fire in me and makes me want to be a better person,” Carmichael said. Carmichael, known for his powerful country voice and heartfelt songs, is making a name for himself in the music industry.

However, he has also dedicated much of his time to a mission close to his heart: hanging American flags in his community. This endeavor is more than just an act of goodwill; it represents a deep-seated love for his country.

“I was driving around one day, and I had a little epiphany moment,” Carmichael said. “I thought about when I was growing up in Burgin, Kentucky, how nearly every house had an American flag. It was considered abnormal if a house didn’t have one. But now, it’s different. You don’t see as many flags anymore. People are struggling financially or might not have the skills or tools to hang a flag. I thought, ‘Why can’t I do something great in my new town [of] Hendersonville?’”

That is exactly what he set out to do after moving to Hendersonville in September 2020, with the inspiration to make a difference locally.

He placed an ad on Facebook, offering to hang American flags for free with no strings attached. To kick-start the initiative, he invested $300 in purchasing American flags and used his own tools to hang them.

“The response was overwhelming, with veterans, disabled individuals, and many others reaching out wanting us to hang an American flag,” Carmichael said. The overwhelming support deeply moved him, and he subsequently organized several more flag-hanging events, with one notable occasion taking place on Nov. 29.

He hoped to involve local businesses and friends to hang more flags in one day than ever before and far exceeded that goal. His goal is not only to see smiles on people’s faces but also to pay homage to those who have served their country and to nurture a sense of patriotism.

Carmichael, who started this initiative in 2020, estimates that he has hung over 40 American flags thus far. However, he acknowledges that his music career temporarily took precedence in 2021, limiting his time for this cause. Yet, his dedication remains unwavering.

“I think we live in the greatest country in the world, and I think it will continue to be that way for a very long time, hopefully forever,” he said.

When asked how people can volunteer or request flag-hanging, Carmichael shared that it has primarily been through personal Facebook messages and noted he might eventually expand to other forms of communication.

Carmichael encourages others to take similar initiatives. He wants to see this become more widespread and expand beyond Hendersonville.

“My dream with this would be people from Kansas or Florida messaging, ‘Hey, you inspired me to start a group in Florida to go around and hang American flags,’” he said.

Carmichael believes every house deserves to display the American flag. “There’s no reason why you can’t do this,” he said. “Social media is a powerful tool, and finding local sponsors can help cover the costs of flags,” he shared.

Dillon Carmichael’s passion for his country and community shines brightly through his efforts to honor the American flag. As he continues his journey in the music industry and his mission to promote patriotism, he hopes to inspire others to join him in the cause. GN

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