The Influence of Family and Upbringing on Jim and Holly’s Life

by | Jan 2024

JIM AND Holly Cortner’s love story unfolds, intertwined with the legacy of their shared values and dedicated service to the community. Jim’s upbringing, which consisted of early morning rises with his father, who owned a funeral business, instilled in him the values of discipline and dedication. His father’s work ethic, principles, and fair treatment of people have been the foundation of their success. His mother’s three-decade commitment to education echoed the importance of community service. 

“If I wasn’t already up, he was getting me up by seven o’clock. That was invaluable in my working career because I think that the success that we have been blessed to achieve definitely stems from the core values of my dad’s work ethic. Watching him handle problems over the years when I was tagging along has really paid off.” Jim reflected. 

Holly’s journey mirrored Jim’s mother’s and her father’s dedication to education. Growing up with a father, a well-known and beloved teacher in the community, and a mother, a dedicated nurse, Holly, much like Jim, grew up valuing community service. 

She still hears her father’s words echoing in her mind. ‘Holly, for some of these kids, the best part of their day, [and] the best part of their life is spent at school.’ 

As an educator, Holly strived to create an environment where children were excited about learning, just as she wished she had been during her school days. Her dedication to making the classroom a place of joy and learning reflects her commitment to community service.

As Holly transitioned from education to joining Jim in the family funeral business, she carried with her a teacher’s heart, seeking to make this new chapter a source of joy and excitement. This transition marked a turning point in their lives. Together, they have built a business that thrives on shared values and dedication. 

In the midst of their shared dedication to the community, Jim and Holly found not only kindred spirits but soulmates. Their connection was immediate, and their interests eerily aligned. Their story unfolded with a grace that seemed preordained, each day reaffirming the depth of their bond. 

Together, they navigate the complexities of running a family business, finding the balance between the demands of work and the sanctuary of home. In their union, they’ve discovered that unity is not merely a word but a lived reality, where each team member, from the cemetery groundsman to the office assistants, is vital in a well-oiled wheel, integral to creating something exceptional. 

Generations mold seamlessly within the walls of their business. Jim’s father still stands beside him. Their son, Robert, now carries forward the legacy as the fifth generation worker in a business that spans over a century. The family bonds, strengthened by shared values, persistence, and dedication, form the foundation for their success. 

Gazing toward the future, Jim and Holly remain persistent in their commitment to adapt and evolve. In an ever-changing landscape, they understand that staying relevant is not merely an aspiration but is imperative. Their business isn’t just a reflection of their work; it’s a manifestation of their faith, an embodiment of their belief that they are following the path laid out for them. 

Their faith extends beyond their walls, flowing into the community they serve. They pour their hearts into causes that touch lives, from youth sports to drug recovery programs, children’s hospitals, and animal shelters. Their involvement is not just an act of generosity but reminds us of the profound truth that love is, indeed, the greatest of all. 

As the couple expands their services and remains active in their community, they strive to maintain a deep connection to the heart of their mission — serving others. Their commitment to love and faith defines their journey and the legacy they are building. 

To Jim and Holly, “from the heart” is more than a phrase; it’s a way of life. It’s the echo of their shared heartbeat, the rhythm that guides their every step. Their love story continues and flows seamlessly into the community they cherish. 

“I believe that we live from the heart because everything that we do and strive to live for comes from our heart; it comes from our character, and I will give all that glory to God that gave us that heart.” 

“[God] gave us three things: faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love.” GN 

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