The Synesthesia Sensation of Isaias Vargas

by | Nov 2023

IN THE diverse world of music, some folks casually enjoy tunes, and then there are individuals like Isaias Vargas, whose connection with music transcends the ordinary. From the cumbia rhythm to the guitar solos of Guns N’ Roses, Vargas has an insatiable appetite for music and becomes one with it. With the ability to master any instrument, Vargas is not your average teenager. His talent is a unique blend of perfect pitch and synesthesia, making him an artist who paints melodies with colors. 

Vargus’s musical journey began at the age of 4, while he was watching Barney on television. The sounds of the show awakened a curiosity for the violin. At that young age, he started violin lessons and demonstrated an aptitude for quickly grasping notes and melodies. Vargas was indeed a prodigy in the making. 

But his talent extended far beyond only learning notes. He possesses a rare gift known as perfect pitch, a musical superpower allowing him to instantly recognize and name specific pitches or notes without any external reference. Vargas’s father, Jacob, realized that his son’s musical interest was more than just a passing hobby — it was a rapidly developing talent. 

Isaias demonstrated another extraordinary ability — synesthesia, a phenomenon where one type of stimulation produces an additional sensory experience. In his case, he sees colors when he hears musical notes. The A chord, for instance, creates shades of pink, representing happiness and love. A minor key brings out purples while magentas and hot pinks dance with the F chord. 

This unique combination of perfect pitch and synesthesia sets Isaias apart and has helped to create a truly exceptional talent. For Isaias, music is an auditory, visual, and emotional experience. A vivid color in his mind accompanies each note he plays or hears. 

Isaias Vargas is like a regular disciplined teenager; he comes home from school and does his homework. What isn’t so typical is his regimented violin practice for an additional 2-3 hours. This hard work has paid off. He’s not just a teenager with an extraordinary talent for music; he is a musical prodigy whose journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. 

Isaias has mastered various instruments, expertly playing the saxophone, viola, stand-up bass, trumpet, and cello. He even has plans to conquer the electric guitar next. Watch out, world!

From jazz festivals, parties, weddings, restaurants, and malls, Isaias’ talents aren’t confined to his practice room. He brings an undeniable energy to every performance, leaving audiences amazed.

His versatility doesn’t end with instruments. Isaias also displays an impressive ability to navigate across different genres. For example, he seamlessly transitions from “Welcome to the Jungle” to the infectious beats of cumbia and then effortlessly slips into the intricate world of classical music. Such adaptability is the hallmark of a true musical maestro.

Like many of us, one of Isaias’ challenges is adequately expressing himself. However, he possesses a unique gift that allows him to communicate through music in ways most of us can only dream of. As he continues to make his mark in music, we can eagerly anticipate more opportunities to enjoy his live performances. 

While he has yet to record an album, there is no doubt that his musical journey is full of promise. Audiences can look forward to more mesmerizing performances and perhaps the future release of his own compositions.

Isaias’ talent is not just a personal triumph; it’s a gift to the world, reminding us of the power and beauty that music can bring to our lives. So, whether you catch him at an upcoming event or follow his live recordings on social media, be prepared to embark on a musical journey where notes and colors unite to create something truly magical. Isaias Vargas is not just an artist; he’s a phenomenon, and his story is just beginning. GN

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