Building a Life Together Through Love, Hard Work, and a Strong Sense of Community.

by | Jan 2024

CALEB AND Alexandria’s story began during their high school years. They attended different local high schools, but fate brought them together one evening at a Sonic Drive-In. 

“The thing to do back then was you went to Taco Bell before the movie, walked to the movie across the street, and then walked to Sonic afterward for ice cream. We met there,” Alexandria recalled. 

She was just 15, and Caleb was 16. Love blossomed during her freshman year of high school, but as young love often goes, their relationship hit a bump in the road. 

“We dated my freshman year of high school, and then actually Caleb broke my heart that summer,” Alexandria reminisces. After that heartbreak, they parted ways but would cross paths again in college. 

“We came back together in college and dated my freshman year as well,” Alexandria continued. 

“That time, I broke his heart, and then we went our separate ways for some time again.” 

Their journey was far from straightforward, but their love story’s resilience would soon be put to the test when Caleb faced a life-changing accident at the age of 22. 

“We weren’t together at the time, but during his hospitalization from that accident, my heart realized how much I truly cared about him,” said Alexandria. 

Their hearts were finally in sync, and their paths would cross again a few years later. This time, they decided to call a truce and start dating, leading to their engagement within a year and marriage not long after. It’s been 6 1/2 years since that moment. 

Dreaming Big and Working Hard 

Caleb and Alexandria were raised in households with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. “If someone else can do it, I can do it” was the motto they both inherited from their parents. 

This mindset instilled in them the belief that hard work and dedication were the keys to realizing their dreams. 

While their parents didn’t hand them businesses, they provided invaluable support and wisdom. Alexandria’s parents, particularly her mother, added a strong business sense to her upbringing, while Caleb’s family, known for their artistic talents, balanced the equation with creativity and vision. Together, they formed a dynamic partnership, blending business acumen with a keen eye for innovation. 

Giving Back to the Community 

For Alexandria and Caleb, community isn’t just a word — it’s a way of life. From supporting local vendors in their country store to championing small restaurants, their hearts beat for community growth. They’re members of the Coffee County Chamber and Tennessee Back Roads Heritage, actively contributing to the prosperity of their beloved community. 

Caleb emphasized the importance of keeping money within the community. 

“If you keep your money and spend it in those local areas, that’s what builds the community,” he said. 

They embrace the role of community builders, actively participating in various community organizations and events to ensure their town thrives. 

Balancing Work and Family Life 

Juggling multiple businesses and raising two young children might seem overwhelming to some, but for Caleb and Alexandria, it’s all about prioritizing and finding balance. 

“Teamwork is the number one piece. We’re on the same team. We’re not against each other,” Caleb emphasized. 

They dedicate time to dream and plan together, using whiteboards to outline their goals and steps to achieve them. Date night is a special tradition that allows them to discuss complex business matters when needed and cherish quality time together. 

Their young boys are integrated into their endeavors, learning valuable work ethic, generosity, and community involvement lessons. 

A Test of Faith and Resilience 

Caleb’s near-fatal accident served as a turning point in their journey. “I just try to remember back to that [and] how thankful I am for life and remind myself that the Lord has a purpose for me,” Caleb reflects when facing rough days. 

Their faith and the belief that doing good will come back to them in some way have guided them through life’s challenges. 

Their love story continues to evolve as they build a life together that inspires those around them. 

“Everything flows from the heart, and there’s a great reward in loving your neighbors, employees, friends, and family sincerely,” said Alexandria. 

“If you love what you do, why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for, you’re going to find so much joy in the success of a relationship or a business decision.” 

They recently hosted their first Harvest Celebration last October as an annual celebration to commemorate their reopening and to serve the community event. This free annual event offers jump houses, face painting, live music, and hay rides. 

Join the family at their annual Valentine’s Day event at Gregory’s Beechgrove Country Store, offering dinner (with sizzling steaks from local farms), music, a photo booth, and flowers. GN 

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