Starstruck Farm: Jay Wilfong’s Journey of Passion and Purpose

by | May 2024

IN THE rolling hills of Lebanon, right off state Route 109 amidst the serenity of the countryside, lies a hidden gem: Starstruck Farm. Owned and nurtured by the visionary Jay Wilfong, this enchanting haven is not just a music and hospitality venue — it’s a testament to dreams realized, memories created, and hearts touched. 

As Jay recounts the genesis of Starstruck Farm, his voice brims with emotion. 

“It all started in 2019,” he shared, his words carrying the weight of years of anticipation. “I had driven by it for years, and one day, I thought, ‘I gotta buy that place.’ And so, I did.” 

But the journey was more than a mere acquisition. It was a leap of faith, proving Jay’s unwavering determination. 

“After closing, I sat here wondering what to do,” he recalled, reminiscing about the transformed landscape. “And that’s when it all started — drawing pictures, making notes.” 

The farm was originally founded by renowned country music artist Reba McEntire as a personal haven for her beloved horses. The beautiful space became a well-known and appreciated landmark in the area, sitting dormant for several years until Jay acquired the farm. 

What emerged from those humble beginnings was nothing short of extraordinary. From the rustic charm of the grand old barn to the cozy embrace of the A-frame glampers, each corner of Starstruck Farm tells a story of reinvention, resilience, and reverence for the past. 

“We try to maintain the integrity of the original architecture. This room where we are sitting right now, we call it the ‘grand old barn,’” Jay gestured, a fondness creeping into his voice. “It used to be a horse riding arena with nothing but a gravel floor. And now, it’s alive with music, laughter, and love.” 

Guests from near and far make their way to Starstruck Farm for lodging, events, music, and a mouth-watering, heartfelt homestyle meal from Jay Bob’s Country Kitchen. But the true heart of Starstruck Farm lies in its personalized touches, each one a testament to Jay’s deeply rooted connection to the land. 

“The rooms used to be horse stalls and are named after things from my past,” he shared, his eyes sparkling with nostalgia. “Da Vinci, Sunny Honey, Uncle Eldred, Aunt Lucille — each name carries a story, a memory, a piece of my heart.”

As visitors from all walks of life arrive at Starstruck Farm, Jay’s vision of a welcoming, inclusive community comes to fruition. 

“People from all over the world have been here,” he said, a sense of pride coloring his words. “Over 30,000 visitors and counting. It’s amazing to see how this place brings people together.”

Beyond the numbers lies something far more profound: a sense of belonging, kinship, and home. 

“We want people to feel at home,” Jay emphasized, his voice tinged with sincerity. “To feel like they’re part of our family, part of something special.”

For Jay Wilfong, Starstruck Farm is more than just a business — it’s a labor of love, a sanctuary of soul, a legacy in the making. 

“It’s not just about success,” he reflected. “It’s about the people who love this place, who feel like family.”

As the seasons change and the farm continues to evolve, Jay remains committed to preserving its essence. 

“We’re always looking for ways to grow, to improve, [and] to innovate,” he shared, his eyes glowing with passion. “But no matter how much we change, one thing will always remain the same — the heart and soul of Starstruck Farms.”

Jay extended a heartfelt invitation to his community and beyond: “Stop by anytime,” he said with a smile. “We’ll make sure you feel right at home.” 

And with that, the story of Starstruck Farm — a story of hope, hospitality, and heartfelt dreams — continues to unfold, one visitor, one memory, and one heartbeat at a time. GN

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