Everyone’s Wilson Champions Mental Health and Education

by | Mar 2024

WHILE THE political climate at the national level was rife with racial violence and division in 2016, the situation in Wilson County was relatively calm and even prosperous. Yet pastors Daryl Crouch and Tim Bryant shared a burden for the brokenness of their neighbors and the division among churches. At that time, Crouch pastored Green Hill Church in Mt. Juliet, and Bryant pastored Grace Fellowship Ministries and served as the director of the Wilson County Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

A kinship blossomed between Crouch and Bryant, and their conversations deepened until they were dissecting difficult topics such as racial reconciliation and church unity. The two pastors combined their congregations for a special “one hope” worship service and included time for everyone to have their own conversations so they, too, could build bridges. Word spread and other pastors joined in forging a stronger Wilson County.

Crouch and Bryant hosted meetings with community leaders, and after six weeks of survey work, “four pockets of vulnerability” were identified: hunger, addiction, safety, and education.

“At that point, the group of pastors developed language to describe this effort to see ‘everyone fed, everyone free, everyone safe, and everyone ready’ to live the life they were created to live,” said Crouch. “We want Wilson County to be a place where everyone can thrive. So, the name, ‘Everyone’s Wilson,’ emerged. All the resources this community needs to see everyone thrive are already here. It’s our job to harness them and put them to work.”

The Everyone’s Wilson network includes 70 churches, 40 businesses, and 30 nonprofits. With the goal of community transformation, Crouch stepped into the role of full-time executive director of Everyone’s Wilson in 2021.

“We are a network that helps the church bring people from every sphere of influence together to create initiatives for spiritual and social transformation. Through prayer, service, evangelism, and collaboration, our partners work together to show and share the Gospel as we trust God to build a community where everyone can thrive.

Too many of our neighbors are buckling under the weight of personal and spiritual brokenness. It’s a steward of trust to help the local church live like a missionary and offer help and hope. We are unique in two primary ways. We are a development organization working to create long-term, structural solutions in the community so that this generation and the generations that follow can thrive. Second, we are motivated by the Gospel, knowing that our partners can deliver practical help and lasting hope when we follow Jesus well.”

According to Crouch, the best way to connect with Everyone’s Wilson is through your church, business, or nonprofit. Volunteers work in various areas of areas, including in local schools, where they serve students, educators, or their families. Others may join the Prayer Partner initiative or volunteer for their annual Serve Day, and others may partner financially.

With that in mind, Crouch said that Everyone’s Wilson aspires to:

• Engage with 1,000 prayer partners per month

• Train and mobilize 750 volunteers to go into our schools and give 27,000 hours of service each year over the next three years

• See 1% of residents connect to Jesus and a local church each year

• Encourage families and churches to step into foster care, along with family and youth mentoring

• Work with local educators, public sector leaders, and businesses to develop a robust workforce development pipeline

• Equip marketplace leaders to join a Jesus’ Kingdom activity every day through their work.

• Strengthen pastors and pastors’ families toward health and fruitfulness

• Work with partners to help neighbors face their mental health challenges with courage so they can live the life they were created to live

Everyone’s Wilson is spreading beyond the county lines, and others are taking note. 

Wade Criswell, the county executive of Roane County, said, “When I was running for office, I prayed for the opportunity to unite churches and others to serve this county together. Everyone’s Wilson has a model that has inspired and is equipping us to do that through ‘Roane for All.’”

The mayor of Wilson County, Randall Hutto, said, “Everyone’s Wilson and The Everyone’s Welcome Network represent our faith in humanity, our hope for the future, and our love of Christ.”

John Foster, the president of Wilson Bank & Trust, said, “Our partnership has allowed us to be involved with the local students and schools in a different way than we might have otherwise been able to. We believe this partnership is meaningful and impactful to Wilson County and the local community.” GN

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