Brittany Griffith Combines Business and Social Outreach.

by | Feb 2024

BRITTANY GRIFFITH is the spirited owner of Addiction’s Salon and Spa, a thriving local business with a staff of three hair stylists and one barber. But Griffith’s business is unique. It also functions as an outpost of community aid. There is a large box on the outside that’s filled with various provisions — mostly food — and the salon’s interior has a food pantry. 

“The reason why I started doing all that was because I had several clients over the years say that they had to choose to either get their hair done or worry about toiletries or worry about groceries,” explains Griffith.

Not everyone would be so responsive, but Griffith knows all about the struggle to stay afloat. 

In college, she didn’t always have money for the things she needed — and, at times, didn’t have enough money for food. In desperation, she would sometimes settle with stealing, resulting in a criminal charge after shoplifting at Walmart. Now, as a business owner, Griffith uses the darker chapters of that story to help write a new one.

“I used my testimony to tell my clients that I didn’t want them to do the same thing. I said, ‘If y’all need anything — if you need a ride, if you need detergent — call me, and I’ll make sure you have what you need.’ It started off with me just bringing stuff from my house. I brought stuff in little by little. And then it kind of blew up within six months.”

The outside box and indoor pantry have been around for over a year and a half. 

“The Farmers National Bank sponsored the box outside, and they brought food. The pantry featured shelving that clients donated from their own businesses. Other clients brought in food. We started off with a cardboard box and went to a bookshelf, and now I have three metal shelves where I have stuff available for people to come in and get it.”

As time goes on, more people need assistance. The more mouths she feeds, the more word can spread through the community. Griffith was the first domino in a chain reaction of needs being met. As needs and demand increase, so does love and support from Griffith, her clients, and her business.

Information on her assistance comes from many sources, she said.

“Word of mouth, social media, and the box is outside. There’s a lot of foot traffic on Old Morgantown Road, where the salon is located.”

There are different ways to get help.

Griffith continues, “Some people who need these services come into the salon, some email me. Some people just walk up to the actual box or ask for stuff personally. If they need help, I’ll fix them a box. It’s just random people. Some people I know, some people I don’t know.”

While donating to any pantry or food box is noble, it is important to follow some broad guidelines and keep in mind what’s useful and practical. Canned food lasts a long time. Nuts, pasta, peanut butter, and granola bars are always practical items. Canned goods with a pull tab are preferred, as not everyone has access to can openers. It’s best to avoid things in glass, which can easily be broken.

Griffith’s full-time endeavor is, obviously, her business. How does she balance that with her food outreach? 

“I’m the type of person to push through it all. I feel like I have a purpose. There’s more than just doing hair. I’m not saying I’ll stop doing hair, but something’s pushing me to do this,” she concludes. GN

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