Empowering Bowling Green’s Workforce

by | Apr 2024

IN BOWLING Green, Graves Gilbert Clinic Employer Services stands as a vital support system for the community’s rapidly growing workforce. Executive Director of Employer Services Charles Fortney emphasizes the critical link between economic development and the vitality of a healthy workforce. “Economic development depends on having healthy employees and promoting a healthy work environment,” said Fortney. With over 85 years of experience and a team of over 200 dedicated medical professionals, Graves Gilbert Clinic is one of Kentucky’s largest physician-owned medical groups, ensuring unparalleled health care provision for the area.

Fortney brought extensive experience serving workplace needs by partnering with Graves Gilbert Clinic in 2017. 

“We facilitate the seamless onboarding of candidates for various roles, spanning from manufacturing to health care,” Fortney explains.

In a landscape where workplace health protocols are not just formalities but essential requisites, Graves Gilbert Clinic Employer Services are indispensable. With seven Walk-In Care/WorkCare clinics located across Bowling Green, Glasgow, and Franklin, the clinic ensures that access to essential medical testing and treatment is both convenient and efficient for employers and employees alike.

Fortney takes pride in the clinic’s broad reach, regularly serving numerous businesses and employers. His commitment extends beyond mere transactions, aiming to positively impact lives and fortify the economic fabric of the community.

Reflecting on the evolving job market and the intricacies of the hiring process, Fortney stresses the significance of robust health service partnerships. 

“Employers seek to not only recruit and retain top talent but also ensure the health and wellbeing of their workforce and their families,” he notes, underlining Graves Gilbert Clinic’s unwavering dedication to being a reliable ally in this journey. 

Graves Gilbert Clinic’s mission is to provide comprehensive care through its network of primary care providers and specialists. 

“At Graves Gilbert Clinic, we prioritize patient-centered care and strive for the best outcomes,” he affirms, citing the clinic’s commitment to providing the same quality healthcare at all our convenient access locations across southern Kentucky. 

Having been a resident of Bowling Green for 34 years, Fortney has witnessed the community’s transformation and the evolving health care landscape. Despite the challenges posed by cultural and linguistic diversity, he views it as an enriching aspect that contributes to the community’s vibrancy and growth. Graves Gilbert Clinic is expanding its employer services team to support the growing southern Kentucky region with the recent addition of Emily Harlan as employer services manager. 

“Emily brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the area, and we are excited to welcome her to the team,” said Fortney. 

Fortney and the dedicated team at Graves Gilbert Clinic WorkCare continue bridging the gap between health care and employment. Their impact reverberates throughout Bowling Green, representing a commitment to empowering their community. GN

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