Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital Takes Compassionate Care to the Next Level.

by | Jan 2024

WHEN WILLIAM Sharp was taken to the Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital Emergency Room (ER) struggling to breathe, his wife, Tammie, was understandably worried. Luckily for Tammie, compassionate care isn’t just a buzzword for TriStar Greenview — it’s the ethos of their work.

After being examined at the ER, the medical team moved William to the critical care unit for respiratory issues. Tammie was worried sick. After three days of frequent visits with her husband, Tammie fell ill.

She went to the ER a few floors below William’s hospital room.

“I was so scared now that my wife was sick,” William said. “I told Dr. Chou all my concerns, and she made a special trip to the ER to check on my wife.” Ultimately, Tammie had to be admitted and given a room of her own. While that isn’t usually good news, Tristar Greenview gave Tammie a silver lining.

“Once the decision was made to admit me, I was informed that my husband was moving to a regular room, and the team had made arrangements for us to have a room together,” Tammie said. “I began to cry.”

The separation from her husband had been heart-wrenching, but the compassionate care team at TriStar Greenview found a way to bring them back together, even if under less-than-ideal circumstances — a gesture that epitomized the hospital’s commitment to compassionate care.

“We are so thankful for everything the hospital staff has done for us,” William said. William and Tammie’s anecdote is just one of many success stories from the Bowling Green hospital.

One patient, Alyse, was an active drug user and struggled with addiction. She found herself at Tristar Greenview after suffering a heart attack just after Thanksgiving in 2022.

“I felt worthless and ashamed, and I just wanted to numb the pain,” Alyse told hospital staff. After being admitted for care, Alyse met one of her nurses, Remi Sexton, who would go on to change her life.

“She just kept assuring me that I was beautiful, I was important, and that I’ve got this,” Alyse said.

It was a turning point for Alyse. Sexton, a living embodiment of Tristar Greenview’s commitment to the care and improvement of their patient’s lives, played a pivotal role in Alyse’s journey.

Almost a year later, Alyse was not just part of a drug rehab program but thriving, attributing much of her success to Sexton. “She loved me back to health,” said Alyse. “I am beautiful, I am important, and I’ve got this.”

A Healthgrades and Medical Group Management Association study analyzed seven million patient reviews and found that over 52% of patients are looking for compassion, comfort, patience, personality, or bedside manner from their medical providers.

“Patients don’t just want to see a doctor; they want to be seen,” Dr. Brad Bowman, Healthgrades’ chief medical officer, told Forbes in a report about the findings.

In an era where health care can feel increasingly detached, Tristar Greenview remains a shining example of an institution that recognizes the profound impact compassion can have on a patient’s journey to recovery.

The stories of William, Tammie, and Alyse echo as poignant reminders that compassionate care is not just a service but a lifeline. Tristar’s commitment to the care and improvement of human life radiates through every success story, reinforcing the belief that, above all else, compassion can transform and elevate the quality of life for every patient who walks through their doors. GN

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