Recipes: After-School Snack Time Issues Are Solved With These Delicious and Nutritious Recipes.

by | Aug 2023

KIDS ARE barreling through the door after school, complaining that they are starving! It’s the age-old gripe of children, no matter how old. We all know that kiddos often get hungry between meals. Unfortunately, many packaged snacks for kids are very unhealthy. They’re often full of refined flour, added sugars, and artificial ingredients. Snack time is a great opportunity to sneak some extra nutrients into your child’s diet. Instead of highly processed snack foods, fill your child’s tummy with whole foods that provide energy and nutrition. Check out the following kid-friendly snacks that are both healthy and delicious. GN

Veggie Dip: Submitted by Sherry Bell

1 c. sour cream

1 pkg. cream cheese, 8 oz., softened

1 clove garlic

1/2 c. parsley, chopped

1 c. salad dressing

1/2 c. green onion, chopped

In a blender, combine sour cream, cream cheese, garlic, parsley, salad dressing, and green onions. Blend until mixed. Refrigerate until chilled.

Yogurt Parfaits: Submitted by Rosina Eicher 

1 pkg. cream cheese, 8 oz., softened 

1/2 c. powdered sugar 

1 box white chocolate pudding mix, 4 oz. 

1 c. milk 

32 oz. plain yogurt 

1 tub whipped topping, 8 oz. 

fresh fruit 


In a bowl, beat cream cheese and powdered sugar. Add pudding and milk; mix well. Add yogurt and whipped topping. Layer with fresh fruit and granola in individual clear cups. 

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies: Submitted by Faye Bonner 

2 c. sugar 

2 T. cocoa 

1 stick margarine 

1/2 c. milk 

1 c. nuts 

2 T. peanut butter 

2 t. vanilla 

2 c. oats 

Mix sugar, cocoa, margarine and milk in a skillet; boil 1 minute. Stir in nuts, peanut butter, vanilla and oats. Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper. 

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