Evelleys Treasures Invites You to Make Your Own Today.

by | Apr 2024

TREASURES ARE something highly prized or valued, yet not so easily defined. Our treasures may have no value in the form they exist but become priceless when they connect us to a dear friend or family member. A dollar store platter displayed in a china cabinet never fails to spark memories of Sunday dinner around Grandma’s table. The souvenir mug from your family’s beach trip in the ‘90s is your favorite for morning coffee. The ivy trailing from the chipped ceramic pot on your windowsill takes you back to an evening with friends gathered around a studio table, laughing and painting.

Kelley Spindle understands tomorrow’s memories often live in the treasures we make today. The hunt for such memory-making prompted her search for a paint-your-own pottery studio like the one she and her family frequented when they lived in Albany, Georgia. She found Simpler Times Ceramic Crafts. A Facebook post said the shop was moving from Cowan to Winchester, so Spindle called for the new address only to find out it’d not reopened and might be closed forever.

“Well, do you think you would want to sell the business?” Spindle asked the sweet voice of Mrs. Mary Bledsoe on the other end. 

She was as surprised by the question as Mrs. Mary, who said she didn’t know but would talk it over with her husband, Danny, while they were out of town.

“I left my number, and as they say, the rest is history,” said Spindle.

Evelleys Treasures opened on July 25, 2023. The new paint-your-own ceramic shop maintains the heart of Simpler Times Ceramic Crafts while expanding upon the foundation of the former store. Located on Huntsville Highway, the shop’s name combines parts of Spindle’s three children’s names: Everett, Annabelle, and Kyley.

“I say Evelleys Treasures has been in the works for many years — at least the name has,” she said. “It’s a name I made up with the help of my Mom when she was alive.”

The prior owners of Simpler Times Ceramic Crafts have been gracious in their support of Evelleys Treasures.

Spindle said, “Though the store name has changed, and there is a new owner, you will still find what I hope is the love and relaxation started by such a sweet family. Mr. Danny and Mrs. Mary had a wonderful shop. I’m so glad they’ve helped me start my business and have trusted me, a complete stranger, to follow in their footsteps.” 

Book a birthday party, date night, or girls night out, and paint your own ceramic piece while you enjoy the snacks and beverages that you provide. Watch Evelleys Treasures’ Facebook page for special events like the monthly Read and Paint, where young children enjoy storytime, light snacks, and a themed painting project. More events are in the works and will be announced on the studio’s page when scheduled.

“Our motto is, ‘We want you to come in and make memories and treasures that will last a lifetime,'” said Spindle. 

Like all new businesses, there are challenges, but Spindle finds the positive in them. Getting the word out about a new place to create your own treasures takes time, especially when its owner is still relatively new to the area. 

She said, “The biggest reward is the people who have come in. They’ve been wonderful and supportive. I love meeting new people and hearing how they remember doing their own ceramics.” 

It’s a shared connection. Spindle’s memories of painting ceramics with her three children led her to this new chapter of her life, even though she never imagined owning a studio before she called Simpler Times Ceramic Crafts, hoping to book a painting session for her and her youngest daughter. 

Coming full circle, the Spindle family now makes new memories, helping others create ceramic treasures. All three children and Spindle’s husband have roles in the business operations. 

“I couldn’t do it without them,” she said. “We still have a lot to learn, but I love having the space to be creative and let other creative minds grow.” 

For Spindle, the shop isn’t just a canvas for creativity; it’s a tapestry woven with memories. Each mug holds a chipped dream, each vase cradles a whisper of laughter, and each plate reflects a shared family meal. Spindle and her family aren’t just selling ceramics; they’re custodians of stories, witness to the quiet magic that unfolds when the brushes silently bring a piece to life as imagined by its maker. And that is more precious than any gilded glaze. GN 

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